It is the mission of Foundation 191 to enhance, enrich, and expand educational opportunities within the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage school district.
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    Senior Scholarship and Awards Night is May 15

    Burnsville High School seniors are invited to apply for scholarships granted by various local businesses, school groups, and community members. To apply, students simply log into their Naviance account > About Me > Tasks. Applications are due March 22, 2017. Contact your school councilor if you have any questions

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  • Grant Information

    Grant Request Form Grant Guidelines

    Guidelines for Funding

    Individuals or groups applying to receive funding from Foundation 191 must provide benefits to the ISD 191 School District Community.
    The Foundation will accept and review requests annually.  Due dates for requests will be for the next school year. Grantees will be notified by mail or email. Funding for projects will be available as set forth in the grant acceptance.
    Individuals and groups receiving financial support from the Foundation are expected to provide a completed Post-Grant Summary Report form to the Board of Directors at the conclusion of the activity or project.
    Foundation policy and Internal Revenue Services regulations require that funds be returned to the Foundation for activities that are not completed.
    Proposals consistent with the Foundation’s mission and focus areas will be considered for funding. The Board of Directors’ very strong preference is to encourage multiple sources of funding of activities and programs when available.
    Programs and activities should generally supplement and enhance experiences within the ISD 191 School District community, not replace what is or should be provided by the District as part of its normal budgeting process.
    The funds must be used within 12 months of award.
    The Foundation Board will review and evaluate grant applications and will make final approval decisions.  Decisions are made based upon criteria established by the board and available funds.
    Publications and/or communications related to the funded project must list Foundation 191 as sponsoring organization.
    All grant applications must have proper signatures.
    Grantees will be required to comply with invoice requests and payment documentation requirements.
    Grantees will be required to be in contact with the Foundation’s representative as needed.
    Grantees are strongly encouraged and expected to participate in Foundation activities.
    Grantees will prepare a summary of activities and areas of success of the grant following its completion.
    Grant applicants must be available to interview with board members as part of the application process.
    If awarded a grant, your project will give recognition to Foundation 191’s grant/sponsorship in materials, publications, news releases, websites and other announcements about the project.

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