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  • 2022-23 Grant Awards

    Posted: Jun 13 2022

    Grant Press Release – June 2, 2022

    Foundation 191 announced grants totaling $17,295.20 to fund 15 projects in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage schools for the 2022-23 school year at the May 26 School Board meeting

    Foundation 191 provided $9,922.21 to fully fund three individual projects and two shared projects. The Jill Haddorff Memorial Fund provided $7,372.89 to fully fund ten individual projects and two shared projects.

    “Starting in 2007 we began a successful grant program that has awarded more than 100 grants totaling over $125,000 to projects created and developed by staff or students in the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage school district impacting Early Childhood Education, Community Education, all elementary schools, our middle schools, Burnsville High School and the Alternative High School.  We are proud to say we have touched thousands of students with these projects.  We are happy to be awarding grants again after two years interrupted by the pandemic and happy to be collaborating with the Jill Haddorff Memorial Fund,” said Foundation Board President Robbie Bunnell.

    • This year’s grants fully funded by the Foundation go to:

    Harriet Bishop Elementary School for a dramatic play area,

    Burnsville High School for a subscription to Slooh, an online service allowing students access and control of ten different robotic telescopes d in the Canary Islands in Chile to image and learn more about objects in our solar system, galaxy and deep space” and

    Adult Basic Education to fund 10 adult student scholarships to attend the Certified Nursing Association (CNA) skills class at DCTC

    • This year’s grants fully funded by the Haddorff Fund go to:

    Burnsville High School for a team of students to create ceramic bowls to be sold at the annual Bowls for Brainpower fundraising event,

    Sky Oaks Elementary School to continue the student leadership program initiated in 2018 to promote character development and a strong culture for learning,

    Burnsville Alternative High School to purchase five new basketballs to have high quality basketballs that will last for several years,

    Gideon Pond Elementary School to provide 10 chess sets along with Scholastic Magazines for 3rd and 4th graders,

    Diamondhead Education Center Early Childhood Special Education to provide dolls that better reflect the diversity of the student population and incorporate conscious discipline strategies where the dolls are used to practice feelings, follow directions, handle emotion and teach empathy,

    Sky Oaks Elementary School to purchase board games to teach kindergarten students about turn-taking, sharing and counting,

    Nicollet Middle School to give students AVID binders and other classroom essentials to keep them organized while they learn to use processes, procedures and tools to study effectively,

    ECFE to provide toys and materials that show inclusion and reflect the diversity of students in the classroom,

    Burnsville Alternative High School to create a “binder hospital” where at-risk can be successful in their classes and engage in AVID’s writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading strategies and

    Burnsville Alternative High School to create a mobile cart of free books for at risk learners ranging from issues that promote social justice, mental health and an overall love for reading.

    • Grants funded jointly go to:

    Early Childhood Special Education for creation of a classroom designed for the needs of students with ASD who have significant sensory processing differences and need specialized classroom setting and

    Burnsville High School for a Strategic Scientific Balloon Launch, a project intended to introduce students to actual scientific study of the Earth’s atmosphere using stratospheric ballooning.

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